Message in a Bottle

Anticipating Your Child


Touch the Future – Today!

Thinking about a child in your future? Perhaps not right away. But someday.

And, what if you could leave a message for that child – for that someday in the future? Actually, you can leave that message right here, today. We’ll even send that message back to you to share at a date you choose. That’s the magic of “Message in a Bottle”.

You can decide when and at what age you will want to share this wonderful message with your child. Just think, your child will have the benefit of your hopes, dreams and wishes that will be an inspiration for a lifetime. This is your chance to bring your thoughts into the future, to be revealed at a time that will have the most benefit for that future child.

What about the child you are already expecting, or who has already been born? It’s not too late – your message in a bottle will keep until you are ready to reveal it.

Your message in a bottle will be part of your child’s legacy, to be cherished throughout his or her lifetime. And, your child will know that you anticipated having the best possible outcome by planning for this pregnancy.

  • Write your Message in a Bottle for that future child today.


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