An Introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law

A school retired school principal who talked to our FASD Group May 6 enthused that these videos should be shown to educators and in schools – they explain FASD. Another quote: These videos “…they are brilliant, so much about FASD in general, in a very interesting and entertaining way.”

An Introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law

These two short animated films, about 10 minutes each, are for those who want a quick yet thorough introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law. We made these films because the topic of fetal alcohol goes to the heart of the difficulties in law, medicine, education, social services, and how we spend, or do not spend, our tax dollars. I want to start a conversation that will bring some fairness to the lives of those with this brain based physical disability.

9:44 FASD and the Law Part 1

11:45 FASD and the Law Part 2

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