Call to ban booze ads during sports

AAP: Australia
June 24/15

Alcohol advertising should be banned during sports broadcasts before 8.30pm and a minimum floor price on booze should be adopted.

Those are just two of 23 recommendations a parliamentary committee has made to government it says should be urgently adopted because of the damage alcohol is doing to some indigenous communities.

The lower house standing committee on indigenous affairs says the impact of alcohol abuse on indigenous children represents a national tragedy.

Some kids are growing up in out-of-home care because their parents are in jail, while others are missing out on school, or become young drug and alcohol addicts.

Foetal alcohol syndrome is creating generations of children whose brain damage will severely affect their lives, with the prevalence of the disease in indigenous communities among the highest in the world, it says in a report on Thursday.

The committee wants the government to introduce a minimum floor price on alcohol, and consider volumetric tax as advised by the Henry Tax review.

A public awareness campaign should also be launched to highlight the risks of alcohol and guide people to get help.

The states should study where demand is rising for liquor licences, especially if it’s in areas of high drinking, and adopt the licensing system of NSW.

The committee wants the communications watchdog to close the loophole that allows alcohol advertising during sports broadcasting before 8.30pm.

Alcohol sponsorship of sporting teams and events should be also banned, and in types of media where children could be influenced.

It also has urged states and territories work together to try to reduce the number of indigenous people incarcerated as a result of harmful alcohol use.

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