I think about you every day. I wonder where we’ll be living, how we’ll feel, if I’ll be stressed or relaxed, what kind of parents we’ll be. I think about all of the things I want to teach you and show you. I think about seeing the world through your eyes and giving you all of the love I have that’s been waiting for you.

Right now we are planning the wedding, I’m working 2 jobs, and we just moved to North Vancouver. Sometimes when I fall asleep at night I think about you laying beside me, and think about what my life will be like when my focus is on taking care of you and loving you, rather than all of these other things that keep me busy. I wonder if you’ll look more like me or your dad. I had a dream years ago about a little girl with blonde hair and I wonder if that’s you.

I hope that you are already here when I read this, and maybe you’re in my arms, or maybe your daddy is holding you and looking at you with love in his eyes.