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Book “Damaged Angels” by Bonnie Buxton
(Random House, 313 pp)
The international bestseller FASD for parents and professionals

DVD A Bright Light Dimmed
DVD “A Bright Light Dimmed” by Body & Health
(Global TV, 23 min)
A graphic look at a family coping with FASD; excellent overview of FASD for parents, caregivers, students, & professionals.

FASKnot Lapel Pin
White enamel with gold trim; the international symbol for FASD; use as a fundraiser or honouring supporters
$3.50 each for 25 or more (minimum order: 25 units)

Book – “Not Exactly as Planned” by Linda Rosenbaum
(Demeter press, 253 pp)
Memoir of adoption, secrets and abiding love (FASD)

FASD Poster - HOPE
Baby Bump Poster – HOPE
(26″ x 19″)

FASD Poster - JOY
Baby Bump Poster – JOY
(26″ x 19″)

FASD Poster - LOVE
Baby Bump Poster – LOVE
(26″ x 19″)

FASD Poster - MOM
Baby Bump Poster – MOM
(26″ x 19″)

FASD Posters - Set of 4 Posters
Baby Bump Poster / Set of 4 posters
(26″ x 19″)
$70 (save $10)

Baby Bump T-Shirts
Baby Bump T-Shirt
White with blue slogan: Cherish your bundle of joy/avoid alcohol in pregnancy (M, L & XL)